How to: Highlight Tape

Highlight Tapes

Your highlight tape is THE most IMPORTANT aspect of your recruiting process. If you do not have a well edited and efficient highlight tape, you are less likely to be recruited.

Fortunately, you have Athlete Advantage as a resource to explain to you the do’s and dont’s of highlight tapes.

Highlight Tape “DO’S”

  1. Put your BEST plays at the beginning of your highlight tape, starting with your VERY BEST play and working your way down.
  2. TRIM each play so that there is no wasted view time. Coaches do not want to wait 15 seconds for the ball to be snapped or 15 seconds of watching nothing after the play concludes. Keep it simple.
  3. A 3-5 minute highlight tape is plenty long enough. Sometimes even less than that will work. However, the more quality plays you have to choose from,  the better.
  4. ALWAYS use telestrations to identify yourself on film. (This can be a box, circle, spotlight, or arrow.)

Highlight Tape “DON’TS”

  1. DO NOT add music. EVER. Coaches do not care to listen to music attached with a highlight tape.
  2. DO NOT have a super long intro titles. Get to your plays fast.
  3. DO NOT add anything extra, transitions are not necessary.
  4. DO NOT use slow motion, or add the same play more than one time.