Palmetto Prep Highlights & Benefits:

  • Palmetto Prep will offer SAT/ACT prep classes, leadership, character education and life skills training.
  • Student-Athletes with a diagnosed or non-diagnosed learning disability (LD) can excel in our environment.
  • Many of our students are at-risk/disadvantaged youths that will be left out of the secondary educational process without this opportunity.
  • While at Palmetto Prep, our students will be mentored by Christian families and churches in the area during Monday night weekly Chapel.
  • Ultimately and regardless of the win/loss records of our teams, we have all been successful when in the end we have produced “good husbands, good fathers and productive christian men.”

Palmetto Prep Support & Guidance

The first step in getting qualified is the evaluation of your academic history. This evaluation will entail a full analysis of both your previous classroom work (transcripts) and previous standardized testing (SAT/ACT) results. Upon conclusion of the analysis we will assist you in choosing the proper core course(s) and/or ACT/SAT online prep classes for you to take in order to increase your GPA and/or test scores for both the NCAA and NAIA.

Prep student-athletes will be required to complete 50 hours of online test prep work for the semester and will be closely monitored. Student-athletes will be required to attend staggered class sessions with our Academic Advisor & Instructor, Allison Norwood throughout the week to ensure completion of their work.

To learn more about our Academic Advisor & Instructor, please click the link below:

Case Studies

These case studies are based on real students that have attended Palmetto Prep and successfully completed the program in both facets, academically and athletically. These are three examples of the different situations that may arise with the student-athletes that come through our program.

Student A – Entered Palmetto Prep lacking one high school core credit. After working with Ms. Norwood, this student completed the required high school core credit course needed to become Division 1 FBS eligible. This student signed a full scholarship to Division 1 FBS member, the University of Louisville.

Student B – Entered Palmetto Prep with an 18 ACT score. After working with Ms. Norwood, this student improved his test score to a 25 and ultimately signed a full scholarship to Division 1 FCS member, Delaware State.

Student C – Entered Palmetto Prep as an NCAA Division 1 FBS qualifier. This student had an injury his senior year and fell off of college recruiting boards. After rehabbing over the summer, this student-athlete completed a full season at Palmetto Prep and ultimately signed a full scholarship to Division 1 FBS member, the University of Connecticut.