American Revolution in South Carolina
As one of the 13 original colonies, South Carolina took a lead in the Revolutionary War, with more than 200 Revolutionary War battles in South Carolina, along with countless military engagements recorded on South Carolina soil. These Revolutionary War battles in South Carolina, often dramatic and pivotal in the ultimate outcome of the war, helped transform the King’s colonies into a union of states.

South Carolina developed Revolutionary War Heroes such as, Francis Marion, William Moultrie, Andrew Pickens, Charles Pinckney, and Thomas Sumter. A few of the more notable South Carolinian battles were the Battle of Cowpens, the Battle of Fort Granby, the Battle of Orangeburg, the Battle of Sullivan’s Island, and the Battle of Port Royal Island.

Who are the Minutemen?
“Although the terms militia and minutemen are sometimes used interchangeably today, in the 18th century there was a decided difference between the two. Militia were men in arms formed to protect their towns from foreign invasion and ravages of war. Minutemen were a small hand-picked elite force which were required to be highly mobile and able to assemble quickly. Minutemen were selected from militia muster rolls by their commanding officers. Typically 25 years of age or younger, they were chosen for their enthusiasm, reliability, and physical strength. Usually about one quarter of the militia served as Minutemen, performing additional duties as such. The Minutemen were the first armed militia to arrive or await a battle.” -USHistory.org

Why the Minutemen?
The American Revolution was one of the most influential and historical events in history in the state of South Carolina. We wanted to create a name and a brand to truly tie into the core of South Carolina History. The name the “Minutemen” describes the type of student athlete we seek here at Palmetto Prep. The original Minutemen were chosen for their enthusiasm, reliability, and physical strength. These qualities are a perfect match for the brand of student-athlete we plan to develop.

There were many other names considered to be our mascot such as The Militia, The Colonels, and The Patriots. We felt as if the name “Minutemen” would be the best fit for our program to honor the history of the state of South Carolina and build our brand.

Our main logo is a great illustration of an 18th century revolutionary war solider. “The Colonel” is his name and he is imprinted in the heart of the South Carolina State shape.

His profile is facing towards the Atlantic Ocean as if he is prepared for another British invasion. In the background is the first American flag that represents the 13 colonies. This flag was made by famous flag maker, Betsy Ross.

The Palmetto Tree and Crescent Moon emblem in The Colonel’s tri-cone hat is the connection to the South Carolina State flag, and our name “Palmetto Preparatory Academy.”